A Texas man trying to make something happen in the gym. i lift for those that cant.
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I hope you know I posted this haha

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This is my new softball teams name haha.
And don’t mind the stubble. I’m just lazy right now. I thought we were still in no shave November haha

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I love the smell of engine oil.

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Anonymous Asked:
Who are good blogs to follow? For mainly male fitspo?


Uhm when you say male fitspo you mean like just fitness stuff from males or IDK nvm.. you’re going to have to check them out they’re all cool af

liftstuffup lifting-demons glassceilingofgreatness drwannabe rippedbeast swolizard rastafarifit barbellbasics lordbates gainsongains quads-for-the-gods quadguyin-china 5eva-flexin ruyigotwang physicallyandmentallyfitmedic southernswole warriorinthemaking flexblr allthefitness notasupersaiyan-yet strikeblr moreweights irontemple I feel like I’m leaving out sooooo many but this is all I could really come up with rn sorry <3


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Nothing in my ask?
That’s cool bro.

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Anonymous Asked:
Hey, I want to start lifting and using gym equipment, could you ballpark a weight to start at for a 140 pound woman who is relatively fit? I know it's not a lot to go off of but even a guesstimate would help, thanks!!


A weight for what? This is so vague.

All the weights bruh

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I will be down in #sanantonio this weekend. So all my familia I want to see y’all! Cause I truly miss the tone!

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this picture makes me wanna go back to ombre

You are so gorgeous, come have ombré with me.

Is it food

I will food with you


How come I can be your first?

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everyone who likes coconut water is lying

Hahahahaha the-last-rep-counts

It’s true, you guys are all lying if you like that stuff.

That shit is the banana in my pajamas

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Words to live by. Everyday you may face a obstacle. Now, are you going to stand up and fight against it? Or, are you going to watch an opportunity go by? Do not have fear in your heart. Be brave and conquer your day. #themotto #worldclasspowerhouse #fitness #motivarion #quote #lifelesson #dogeatdog

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You shit