A Texas man trying to make something happen in the gym. i lift for those that cant.
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Boobs or booty

Cutie with a booty

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I command you to grow!!

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I may not be the biggest, I may not be the strongest. But, I will not stop until I can’t anymore. #painIsWeaknessLeavingTheBody #neverQuit #fitness #dietryin

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I’ve really really focused on dialing in on my mind-muscle connection the last two workouts and they’ve been amazing. It’s difficult to put everything aside and take everything life throws at you off your mind, at least for…

I think that is key for solid muscle growth. I set aside my pride 90% of the time in the gym and just worry about the stretch and contraction. I love it

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You know you’re from Texas…

When you get excited for a high school football game.

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Boom baby!

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Louie Simmons, back in the day.

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Colin Wayne back!

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That face when you have to drain your pool by hand cause of the shit storm the other night.

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I can die happy now

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The world needs more English Bulldog cuteness.


I can’t right now.

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Hey guys. Know it’s been a while. Just school and work and gym is taking all of my time. Hope everyone is taking strides towards a goal.
Happy liftings y’all